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What comes next?

Battlefield Australia – In the beginning is in the distribution network and will begin appearing in all good book stores in September. As a reader of my blog, you don’t need to wait until it hits the book stores. You can get your copy now! Just head over to my Bookshop page to buy your copy today!

It’s been almost a month since I published my novel Battlefield Australia – In the beginning, and I’ve been asked a few times now “What comes next?” What I find interesting about that question, is not the how to answer it, but the implication that I don’t have a plan going forward.

That may just be my interpretation, but knowing the people who asked the question, I know they think that now I have Battlefield Australia – In the beginning out of my system, I should go back to a normal life. Hey, here’s some news folks! This is my normal life!

I am an author, a novelist, a writer, call me what you will. My life’s work is to create stories that stir the reader’s emotions. My brain is overflowing with stories and lessons I can weave into those stories. This is my normal.

Even before I published Battlefield Australia – In the beginning, I was doing the preparation for the sequel (so far un-named). I have my outline well in hand and will begin the first draft in the next week or so, with an expected publication date in the second quarter of 2022.

The sequel, which may end up being the second in a series, will focus on Jake Bridges’ 3rd Commando Regiment as they establish a Forward Operating Base in Australia’s Gulf Country. The Regiment’s orders are to interdict enemy supply lines and disrupt the enemy’s activities in North Queensland and The Northern Territory.

Is Battlefield Australia – In the beginning a prediction of what our world will look like in 2047? Is Australia really vulnerable to attack? Read the novel and draw your own conclusions.

It’s finally finished!

I am very pleased to announce that my novel Battlefield Australia – In the beginning is now finished! It has been a long, and at times, torturous process. Nevertheless, after marathon writing sessions and innumerable edits, the manuscript is complete and is now waiting for final review before going into production.

This project has expanded way beyond what I had first envisaged. So much so, that it has morphed into book #1 in a series. Keep an eye out for the official launch of Battlefield Australia – In the beginning.

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