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Battlefield Australia

Look George, I won’t bullshit you, what Alfie says about the Northern Alliance is spot on. They have been poaching on our northern fishing grounds for years. They take so much the Torres Strait Islanders can’t catch enough fish to feed themselves. They plan to invade mainland Australia and, there are about 30 million of them. They’re all coming here to claim a bit of this land for themselves.
It is February 2047. The Northern Alliance is over-populated, have exhausted most of their natural resources. Backed by the Peoples’ Republic of China, The Northern Alliance covets Australia’s vast expanses and natural resources. Invasion is imminent and there are Northern Alliance military forces building up in Timor and Irian Jaya.
Undermanned and under- resourced, the ADF is no match for the combined might of the Northern Alliance and China. With no support from the United Nations, or the USA, Australia must find a way to repel the invaders and preserve Australian sovereignty.
Until help from Britain arrives, Major Jake Bridges and the men of Bravo Company, 3rd Commando Regiment, seems to be the best option available to disrupt the invaders’ inexorable advance across northern Australia.
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Allan Plaisted says, “Not a bad yarn could possibly happen with today’s south China seas tension.” Five Stars.
The author has brought together the elements that help develop a strategic plan, funny thing is our government doesn’t have the ability to move as fast as it’s indicated in the story line. I’m enjoying the description of the workings of Nor Force and unit workings characters are very believable.” – Dale Quant

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